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Emily Lou OMP

Since graduating from Texas Woman’s University with a Master’s degree in Physical Therapy in 1986, I have been led to a more and more holistic perspective on health.  I observed patients would have successful treatments but then returned, sometimes multiple times, with migrating injuries.  I kept wondering about a bigger picture and how things might be connected.  My journey to a more complete answer has so far included physical therapy, Hellerwork ( a combination of myofascial release, movement reeducation and recognition of a mind-body connection), movement retraining, application to functional tasks including activities of daily living and work related activities.  And most recently, I completed a Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice at Canadian School of Osteopathy Manual Practice in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  The traditional osteopathic approach taught at this school is similar to osteopathy practiced in other countries. The focus is on hands-on, individualized osteopathic techniques and follows a set of guiding principles that serve as an organizing force to bring the body back towards its optimal function. 


  • Master of Science in Physical Therapy (Texas Woman’s University)

  • Certified Hellerwork Practitioner

  • Diploma of Osteopathic Manual Practice (Canadian School of Osteopathy – Manual Practice)


  • Owner, Integrative Physical Therapy, Tacoma, WA  - holistic wellness integrating physical therapy, Hellerwork and osteopathic philosophy and manual practice

  • Physical Therapist, Action Onsite, Inc., WA various locations – onsite consultation with Frito-Lay distribution centers

  • Physical Therapist, Olympic Sports and Spine Rehabilitation, Puyallup, WA – outpatient clinic

  • Physical Therapist, Richard Carr Physial Therapy, Milpitas and San Jose, CA – outpatient clinic

  • Physical Therapist, Ergomed and Houston Back Injury Center, Houston, TX – functional rehab focused on returning to work 

  • Physical Therapist, St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, Houston, TX – rehabiilitation, post- surgical rehab, wound care, chest physical therapy roations

What Patients Say

Nearly twenty years ago, my lower back regularly seized up.  I had a hard time putting on my own shoes.  The surgeon said fusing it was an option.  Instead, I began regular visits with Emily Lou.  Six months later, my back resolved.  It’s been fine ever since.  Recently, I visited Emily for chronic neck problems.  The results were the same.  Her skill as a healer is solidly grounded in hard science—the depth of which is impressive.   But there is another hard-to-describe, perhaps intuitive, dimension to her craft that I do not fully understand and probably don’t need to.  As always, the proof is in the pudding. 

Nicholas Briejer

Services & Fees

Free Phone Consultation  15 min

First Visit: 290$  75-90 min

Follow Up Session: 210$  45-50 min

Long Follow Up Session: 290$  75-90 min

What to expect

  • Advice and follow up care is discussed at the end of each session 

  • You will remain clothed throughout. Wearing comfortable clothing is ideal or bring shorts if the lower extremities are to be examined or treated. 

  • All forms are sent to you electronically and are to be filled out prior to showing up for your first session.

  • Please keep in mind that diagnosis codes are deliberately not provided.


  • This practice does not accept insurance. 

  • Payment for sessions is client responsibility and due at time of service.

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