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Pauline Abbal OMP

Pauline Abbal is a European Manual Osteopathic Practitioner (non-physician, European Style Osteopath). Originally from the South of France, she obtained her French Diploma in Osteopathy in Biarritz, awarded by the College of Osteopathy of the Basque Country in 2015. Pauline practiced osteopathy in France for 7 years, during which she furthered her education with diverse osteopathic training.
In mid-2022, she moved to California to work as an osteopathic manual practitioner. Before initiating any hands-on treatment, she takes the time to carefully listen to your complete history. She offers traditional manual osteopathy sessions, incorporating techniques such as soft tissue work and muscle energy techniques.


  • Diploma in Osteopathy (D.O.), COPB (College of Osteopathy of the Basque Country), France


  • Osteopathic Manual Practitioner at Silicon Valley Integrative & Chiropractic, Mountain View, CA
    In France between 2015-2022

  • Osteopath in a multidisciplinary health center at Tarnos, France

  • Osteopath at Bayonne and Anglet, France

What Patients Say

"I had the opportunity to be treated for my back by Pauline. I must say that she is serious and diligent. I was handled with great care. I can only recommend her !"

J. Marc

Services & Fees

Free Phone Consultation  15 min

First Visit: 290$  75-90 min

Follow Up Session: 210$  45-50 min

Long Follow Up Session: 290$  75-90 min

What to expect

  • Advice and follow up care is discussed at the end of each session 

  • You will remain clothed throughout. Wearing comfortable clothing is ideal or bring shorts if the lower extremities are to be examined or treated. 

  • All forms are sent to you electronically and are to be filled out prior to showing up for your first session.

  • Please keep in mind that diagnosis codes are deliberately not provided.


  • This practice does not accept insurance. 

  • Payment for sessions is client responsibility and due at time of service.

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